G&P is a company for people, whose aim is to improve some aspects of people’s lives and the way they feel about themselves. G&P comes from a culture dedicated to achieving balance and harmony in every aspect of life.
It promotes health and beauty, well-being, self-esteem and confidence at all levels, through honest and correct business practices.
This company is fully aware of the choices it makes and is committed to raising the standards of the sector, helping hairdressers upgrade their professional levels.
Because it acknowledges that people are the heart of everything and need social contacts and relationships, G&P creates unique moments to share experiences: these highly educational encounters aim at personal growth and develop individual creativity.
This company can offer the beauty industry and its customers the best, thanks to the fine quality of its products, the high professional levels of its services and the solid experience of its collaborators, trainers and mentors.

About the Company

Our company specializes in research and development, production, marketing and sale of hair cosmetics all over the world.
Each production batch is subject to quality control: our laboratory, dealing with the various supervisory and certification authorities, performs specific analyzes, microbiological checks and product effectiveness tests.
The preparation and adaptation of the documentation according to the updates required by the legislation is one of the standard services offered by our R&D Dept. to ensure the compliance of our products also under the formulation aspect..


We adopt the “Stoichiometric Molar” formulation system to protect the health of end consumer and environment.
Simply put, the concentration of substances that make up the formulas of our products is calibrated in such a way that each molecule combines making itself a couple and does not remain “free”, single, as a potential irritant or pollutant molecule.

How we work

Experience has taught us the importance of choosing the right partners: the good relations we have built and the trust in our suppliers allow us to meet your needs. Our primary objective is indeed to strengthen partnerships, share ideas, resources and global expertise to achieve common goals.

Authentically Made in Italy

Italy is one of the most important countries in the world in terms of production and export of high-quality cosmetic products, contributing largely to the boom occurred in the industry in recent years and, despite the current economic situation, the export figures show an increase by 8% in 2011 compared to the previous year.
The popularity of BEAUTY MADE IN ITALY is attributable to the experience and professionalism demonstrated in creating products with repeatable and high-quality standards.

All Made in Tuscany!

G&P Cosmetics creates products that combine technology and performance whilst enhancing beauty and respecting the environment that surrounds us by observing the ethical code that it has set itself.
G&P Cosmetics makes use of renewable energy, local ingredients, optimizes itself for the elimination of waste and purifies waste water on site.