Products for Technical Services

Products of Pre-coloring:

  • Pigment reducer:  it removes totally the oxidation color, it has no bleaching power, it does not change the natural hair color.
  • Coloring preparer fluid: Prepares the hair to the coloring technical service.
  • Skin protective lotion: it protects the skin during the application of the hair color. It can be applied directly on the skin or in mixture with the color.
  • Porosity equalizer spray: it balances the structure of the hair from root to ends preparing the hair for a uniform coloring.

Color Lines:

  • Oxidation cream color with ammonia, PPD-free.
  • Oxidation cream color without ammonia, resorcinol and PPD-free.
  • Oxidation cream color without ammonia, PPD-free.
  • 10 minutes Oxidation cream color without ammonia, PPD-free.
  • Oxidation cream color with and without ammonia, specifically intended for retail sale.
  • Oxidation cream color tone on tone.
  • Direct pigment coloring.

All types of coloring can be realized with the following dilutions: 1: 1 – 1: 1.5 – 1: 2 – 1: 3

Creams and oxidants emulsions.

Conditioning and coloring treatment: to revive reflection, shine and enhance the natural color.

Post-coloring products:

  • after color Shampoo and conditioner: to complete the technical service, they perform a regenerating and balancing action of the physiological pH of the hair. SLS / SLES Free.

Bleaching Products:

  • Bleaching cream with and without ammonia
  • Bleaching powder with and without ammonia

G&P Cosmetics products trial KIT

If we deem it appropriate, we will send you a test kit of our products so that you can experience the quality of our colors.