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The internal R&D section is composed of a team of young graduates working on the development of products capable of meeting the needs of the market successfully, inspired by a philosophy of keeping an eye on the result and respect for renewable resources and life..

Our R&D is constantly assisted by a team of judiciary and legislative experts, in direct contact with national, EU and international entities.

Being updated on Community legislation and international standards is crucial for working properly and is a primary demand of our company.


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All ingredients used in the manufacture of our products are carefully selected and the raw materials are of the highest level and the latest generation.

Our suppliers are also the result of a careful selection of the best practices, all strictly Italian.

Only when certified and with a high standard of quality, do they pass our incoming quality control tests.


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The use of a customized production cycle ensures only the use of the semi-finished products needed for the satisfaction of the customer. This allows us to always work fresh product and avoid any risk of contamination.

Our molar stoichiometry formulation system allows a perfect match between the dyes, thereby avoiding problems that the free molecules may develop.

The exact dosage between bases and couplers is not just a technicality in itself, but the result of a precise aim.


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There is a theoretical line that accompanies each of our concrete auditing practices. It is the thin line that makes us aware of the diversity of the world and its inhabitants.

For this reason, every week tests are performed on women and men from all over the world, with ethnic characteristics very different from one another, in order to always achieve top quality results.

Over 2000 tests a year allow us to explore the vastness of the world in which we live.


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Even the best product requires technical support to express its full potential… and training is equally important.

For this we share in the training of your technicians to ensure quality and repeatability of the results.

“You’ll never walk alone”.


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The “genius loci” or the excellence that comes from the environment. Ethics becomes the partner of an entrepreneurial adventure.

The land of Piero della Francesca, Michelangelo, Burri, inspires us and makes us responsible for achieving the best results.

The waters of the river Tiber, which come and flow in the clean riverbed, give us the vital w ater for our products whilst guaranteeing the well-being of our environment.


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The creative rigor of haute couture is the throbbing heart of our company.

The pleasure of our customers to have customized products is the professional pride that motivates us.

The creation of thousands of formulas and the management of customized production lots are the label we sew on each product. Handmade.


G&P is a company for people, whose aim is to improve some aspects of people’s lives and the way they feel about themselves. G&P comes from a culture dedicated to achieving balance and harmony in every aspect of life.
It promotes health and beauty, well-being, self-esteem and confidence at all levels, through honest and correct business practices.
This company is fully aware of the choices it makes and is committed to raising the standards of the sector, helping hairdressers upgrade their professional levels.
Because it acknowledges that people are the heart of everything and need social contacts and relationships, G&P creates unique moments to share experiences: these highly educational encounters aim at personal growth and develop individual creativity.
This company can offer the beauty industry and its customers the best, thanks to the fine quality of its products, the high professional levels of its services and the solid experience of its collaborators, trainers and mentors.